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Blog posts on a plane

It would’ve been easier to stay home. It would’ve been easier to be in the office today. I would’ve been a bit more well-rested, a bit less hungry, and a lot more comfortable. Instead I’m a couple thousand feet in … Continue reading

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My cup is overflowing

Some days, I feel like I’m doing life on my own. That happens when you’re a single adult. Luckily, those days are rare for me. Most days, I feel like I have a lot of people in my corner. Supporting … Continue reading

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Hitting Publish

I never really thought I had any right to blog. I love to write. My minor is in writing. I write a lot as part of my work. But a blog? I haven’t done anything super spectacular in my life. … Continue reading

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Showing up and being seen

I had planned to write a (hopefully) insightful post today, one that’s been swimming around in my head all week. Then I sat down to finish Daring Greatly, a book I’ve been slowly working through as I start this Choosing … Continue reading

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100 of the bravest people I know

I still remember when 14 year-old Carly* looked up at the high ropes course and said, “I’m not scared, I just don’t want to.” I’m no expert, but I think “I just don’t want to” is 14 year-old code for … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Nomads and Growth Zones

Ali is my “nomad friend”. I lovingly refer to her as that, because up until about a year ago, she had no fixed address. She moved around taking on really cool short-term jobs, making connections and friends everywhere she went. … Continue reading

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How hating a rollercoaster changed everything

Every summer from the time I was 8, my parents would pack my brother and I up in the car and trek 10 hours south to my aunt and uncle’s house in Belle Mead, New Jersey. We’d spend the week … Continue reading

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