The theme of my life is…

I’m working through the Storyline workbook. And because I’m me, I read ahead.

At the end of the second module, I see this:

Exert from Storyline workbook

Exert from Storyline workbook

The theme of my LIFE? Those are big words! That’s crazy daunting. How do I sum up the theme of my life in a sentence??

This is the problem with reading ahead. The end seems daunting when you don’t know the steps that get you there.

So I took step one in figuring out my life theme. This was to list all the life turns I’ve experienced so far – both negative and positive. A life turn is a major life event, in which after it happens, things are never the same.

You take these life turns and map them out on a timeline. From there, it’s easier to see a pattern, a theme, running through our lives.

And that’s when the “whoa” moment happened…almost every positive on my timeline started with “started”. “Started university”, “started volunteering with Oki”, “started my first job”.

Now let me say, I don’t think I’m unique here. These are obviously big life milestones that would appear on most people’s timelines. But it still got me thinking…

A positive life turn happens when I start something new.

Given for every “start” that made it onto this list, there were dozens of starts that didn’t. “Started eating Thai food” and “started sleeping with two pillows” were not life turns. But some starts did turn into positive life turns.

And each time I started something that made it onto the timeline, I had no idea what it would look like when I finished.

When I started university (which meant this anxiety-ridden girl was moving away from home), I had no idea that I would fall in love with digital communications and make a career out of it. I had no idea that I would’ve chosen to live away from home again my senior year.

When I started volunteering with Oki, I had no idea that I could feel that kind of compassion. I had no idea I could inspire and be inspired like I was.

All we have to do is start. We don’t need to know how it’ll end. We just have to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.

And you know another way to say all of that? Choosing butterflies.

We’ve come full circle.

When I start, it’s scary and there are a million reasons not to start.
When I start, I know I will stumble at some point.
When I start, I meet people who inspire me and people looking to be inspired.
When I start, God provides and works through me.

And there we have it…the theme of my life.
When I start, God provides and works through me.*

*Subject to change…because it makes it a little less scary. Hopefully Donald Miller is okay with that.

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