The honeymoon is over

For my blog and I, that is.

For those first few months, it was easy. We had so much to talk about. Those other experienced bloggers who talk about how hard it is to keep a blog going? Who say you have to write, even when it doesn’t come easy? They clearly didn’t have what my blog and I had – we were special.

But then it happened. I missed a post. It was a busy week. But at the same time, I didn’t have a whole lot to blog about. And life kept going. Then I missed another week. No big deal.

Sigh… The honeymoon is over.

Creative Commons. Photo by: Brocken Inaglory

Creative Commons. Photo by: Brocken Inaglory

Now comes the hard part. The part they warn you about. The part where you have to dig deep to keep it going because the fun, the novelty, the thrill are all dimming. It feels like more work to carve out time to care for my blog. And topics don’t just appear out of nowhere anymore. I have to work a lot harder to find them.

It’d be easier just to stop. To just post when I feel like it – when I’m motivated. But like any relationship, you can’t just put in the work when you’re motivated. I’ve got to figure out how to write when I’d rather watch TV or read or just not write.

In a new marriage, there’s a spark. And once the spark goes away, you’re still committed. But the spark isn’t really gone, it’s just harder to ignite. The spark that came naturally now takes work.

With a blog, the commitment obviously isn’t the same. I’m not accountable to another person. Sure people read it, but it can easily fade away without much consequence.

Except that spark existed. And I loved it. And even writing this, I can see the spark again.

So here we are. At the hard part. But the hard parts are always worth it. Always.

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5 Responses to The honeymoon is over

  1. Akriti says:

    Keep writing 🙂

  2. davecenker says:

    The hard part becomes the easy part once you decide to write that next word, that next sentence. We all have that inevitable encounter with our sarcastic muse, as I like to call it. I even wrote a letter in on one of my recent blog posts to break off my short-lived relationship with Ms. Block 😉

    Keep writing. Once you feel that energy coursing through your veins again, it will reignite the fire within. After all, sometimes butterflies are elusive. You need to not only choose them, you sometimes have to chase them. But it’s so worth it once you hold that beauty in your hands and heart 🙂

  3. Andre Jones says:

    Don’t stop writing! I love your posts. I understand where you are coming from, I often felt that way in Toastmasters, sometimes you get to a point where you feel there is nothing to talk about, or you ask yourself if people will be interested in what you have to say. You have so many fans though, and we all love to hear what you have to say. Maybe you could work on a monthly blog, instead of a weekly blog. The comment from Dave says it all, such great advice!
    Find that spark, find the butterflies and keep on writing! You have a talent, share it with your fans! We may not always comment but do know that we are reading!

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