Potlucks, forts and Zambia

The Percys are a family that I knew of, before I knew them well. Because everyone knows the Percys. Or knows someone who knows them. Six Degrees of the Percys is a fun game to play.

Photo by Bamboo Life Photography

Photo by Bamboo Life Photography

Joel was a pastor at my church.

Julianne’s parents were friends with my aunt and uncle, and know my parents. Her mom is the only person that refers to me as “Maurice’s daughter” (and I kind of love that).

Joel’s dad was my boss’s pastor for a long time.

My friend’s sister got to know them while they were both living in Africa years ago.

Then Joel started working for the same company as me.

And then they had twins, just a few months before my coworker had twins.

Then Joel and I worked on the same team.

But I really got to know the Percys two years ago (almost to the day) when I joined their home church.

Once a week, I’d spend a few hours in their house (which, turns out, is less than a kilometer from my house) with a dozen or two other people. We’d talk about life and the Bible. We’d celebrate happy things and walk through messy things. We’d put on some amazing potlucks. We’d volunteer together, make meals for people who needed them, and play board games together.

I got to know their twins, Micah and Caleb, who would sing songs together in their beds while home church happened downstairs. I’d babysit and we’d build forts, go for bike rides in the rain, and I’d answer questions like “Are there Christmas decorations in jail?” or “What do zebras say?”

Selfie in our fort

Selfie in our fort

And all of a sudden, the Percys were no longer a family I knew of, they were a family I knew. And loved. They poured into me. They invited me over. They asked for my help in practical ways. They encouraged me as a leader in the group, and supported me and another friend as we transitioned into taking over their leadership role in our home church.

Because it’s hard for them to lead a home church when you live in Africa. That’s right, the Percys are moving to Zambia. For three years.

They are leaving steady jobs where they are both very skilled and respected, and will be working at Macha International Christian School. They are leaving their families, their house, their cars, their steps-away-from-whatever-they’d-like lives. Because they know God is calling them to Macha. Because they have a heart for Africa and the people there.

And if that wasn’t enough of a life change, they are expecting a tiny little miracle who will join the world in July. I smile every time I think about that.

They are choosing butterflies in a gigantic way.

We are all so in awe of the Percys. They are doing something so hard, so counter-cultural, because they feel led. Because they want to serve. They are living a meaningful story that will not only impact the people in Macha, but people here. Because being brave begets being brave.

I’m so honoured to know the Percys and to call them friends. I’m going to miss them so much. But I’m excited for their next chapter, and so inspired by the story they are living with their lives.

If you’d like to support the Percys or follow along on their journey, visit their blog at www.micsitup.com.

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