You have to go faster if you don’t want to fall

Bike riding in Jasper

Bike riding in Jasper

I was 8 years-old before I learned to ride a bike.

For many hours during many summers, my dad would hold the back of my bike seat up and down the street while I tried to figure it out. I couldn’t understand how to keep my balance on just two thin wheels.

“You have to go faster if you don’t want to fall,” he’d explained.

I stood by my bike and contemplated this while my little brother whizzed passed me on two wheels.

The trick to riding a bike is so counter-intuitive. To learn to do most things, you have go slow before you go fast. You have to walk before you run. You have to master the side streets before you drive on the highway.

But riding a bike, you have to go fast to learn how to do it. “You have to go faster if you don’t want to fall.”

And I don’t do a whole lot fast. I can run 5K, but it takes me a long time. I’m that car that prefers to drive in the slow lane most of the time. My walking pace is so slow that it’s known as the “Turner Walk” by my high school friends. They’ll gladly give you a demonstration too. 12 years later, they still think it’s the funniest thing in the world.

So it’s no wonder the “you have to go faster” bike riding concept was difficult to wrap my head around.

Slow and steady. Take the time to get comfortable before ramping up the speed. I’ll get there eventually. These thoughts often go through my mind.

But just like riding a bike, sometimes you have to go faster if you don’t want to fall.

Sometimes there isn’t time to think and plan and prepare. Sometimes you have to get up to full speed before you figure out what the heck you’re doing. Some decisions have to be made quickly. You don’t have time to weigh options and plan. You just have to act.

I put an offer on my very first condo about 20 minutes after I saw it. The offer was accepted 12 hours later, and I moved in five weeks after that.

Painting my new condo.

Painting my new condo.

I cried a lot the day the offer was accepted. I don’t do fast, and this all happened so so fast. It was so foreign to me, and therefore completely overwhelmed me. In fact, when my realtor called to tell me the offer was accepted, I cried, “I change my mind! I don’t want it anymore!” She kindly explained that I didn’t have a choice. There’s no such thing as buyer’s remorse when it comes to property. I had dived in and I was going to have to swim.

But if I didn’t make that decision quickly, I wouldn’t be sitting here in my little corner of the sky four years later. I wouldn’t have learned that sometimes you have to act fast and figure out what you’re doing as you go.

My dad was right. Sometimes you have to go faster if you don’t want to fall.

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2 Responses to You have to go faster if you don’t want to fall

  1. Marilyn says:

    My dear daughter Lindsay might go slowly with some things – like the fact that she was a month overdue before she decided it was time to be born – but she always arrives at the goal line in style and with brilliance, and she always enjoys the journey to get there. Well done, Linz. Love, Mom

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