45 unexpected minutes

This posting consistently thing is hard. I can come up with a million reasons not to post anything, to just stop.

And while I could say I don’t have the time to write, that’s not true. What is true is that I’m not making the time to write.

Creative Commons. Image by chewaka999

Creative Commons. Image by chewaka999

I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm this morning and immediately turned on the TV to watch the news. Then turned it off…Okay, okay, it’s muted in the background. I find myself with 45 unexpected minutes this morning, and I get to pick what I do with it. I get to choose.

And I don’t want to choose TV.

But I don’t have a topic to write about this time. I don’t have a starting point. I almost always start with a general idea or phrase, and just start typing. Then I sit with it, come back, rewrite and edit it. After talking myself out of all the reasons I shouldn’t I hit publish, I hit publish.

I’ve had a few of those starting points in the last few weeks.

I could write about how considering big life decisions means having to consider saying no to things you really want to say yes to.

I could write about how wonderful it is when a friend comes home for a visit and you pick up right where you left off.

I could write about making the choice to adapt to uncontrollable changes around you is just that – a choice. And how things are so much better when you choose to embrace it.

I could write about how my parents are three weeks away from moving out of the house I grew up in, and how that thought alone sends tears straight to my eyes. Every. Single. Time. But writing that post would just be another piece of evidence that this is actually happening…apparently the dozens of boxes I helped pack this weekend wasn’t quite evidence enough.

And I’ll probably write about most of this stuff eventually. I guess this morning, I’m writing about writing. And choosing to use 45 unexpected minutes to do so. Even if there isn’t a solid plan, a thesis, or time to really edit this and talk myself out of hitting the publish button.

Because not every post can be carefully planned and polished. Sometimes posts should be scattered and a little impulsive. Because sometimes your 45 minutes are up and life has to start.

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