My little brother’s wedding

There are a lot of emotions you go through when your little brother gets married.

There’s pride. I would tell anyone that would listen (and even those that wouldn’t) that my little brother was getting married. And how could I not be proud? Look at this guy!


As with any change, there’s a strange sense of loss. Even with really positive changes (which this is), there’s the realization that things will never be the same. I’m learning more about change and have been reading William Bridges’ Managing Transitions. In it, he talks about how in any change there’s a process of letting go of the way things used to be and reorienting to the new way. I’m working on letting go of my “family of four”, and I’m so excited to reorient myself to officially having a sister-in-law (I LOVE saying that!)

There’s also an overwhelming sense of happiness. Their wedding day was one of the funnest and happiest days of my life to date. Everything from setting tables, to emceeing the reception, to dancing my heart out for hours…all of it was laced with pure and raw happiness. There haven’t been many times in my life where I’ve felt that level of joy.

I would also be lying if I said there wasn’t a feeling of insecurity. I’m the oldest. I’ve done everything first…except getting married, which is kind of a big one. My brother made my parents “in-laws”, not me. There were times where that made me sad, where I wished I was getting married, where I felt so obviously single. But now I realize this was an opportunity for me to work through that insecurity, to accept this season of my life, and truly celebrate my brother and sister-in-law. Being able to work through that made the celebration that much sweeter.

And it wouldn’t be a wedding without that love emotion. Watching my brother watch his bride walk down the aisle…that’s a look of pure love. And I realized just how much I love him, and my sister-in-law. Beyond that, I felt so much love for my family, my extended family, and friends that were there to celebrate. It’s so cliché and I’m hesitant to even write this, but love was in the air. We all breathed it in and exhaled it right back out.

I’m so grateful for this family, for this life, for the memories we made this weekend. I know just how precious this kind of celebration is. I will hold these past few days so dearly.

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