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Sejal is special

I have no idea if I should be posting this. I have no idea if it’s for you or for me (…it’s for me). I don’t have an objective here or a lesson I’m learning. It’s not even really about … Continue reading

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I take a village

It had been nearly five years since I felt that way. I sat paralyzed in front of my computer. The email notification box fading in and out over and over, my phone ringing, people scurrying outside my door. My to-do … Continue reading

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Today was a good day and here’s why

It’s almost midnight on a Sunday, and usually I am sound asleep right now. But not after the Tonys. After I watch the Tonys, I’m wired. I’m excited and happy and I have so many thoughts and feelings and emotions, … Continue reading

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My relationship with “should”

I have a complicated relationship with “should” Recently, someone told me to remove that word from my vocabulary. It’s a word that our “self-critic” uses to judge ourselves. I should eat better. I should invite that person over. I should say … Continue reading

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Boxes, labels and shelves

My condo is usually at least a little bit messy. Right now, two empty water glasses sit on the end table beside my couch amongst nail polish bottles, earbuds and a plate from last night’s dinner. My kitchen counter is evidence … Continue reading

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What family looks like

Recently, I was talking about the idea of “family” with two friends who were roommates. Both women were single. But if one of them met someone and got married, the other would move out. “But why? Why couldn’t we keep living … Continue reading

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Why I care about Heart Month

Before 2010, Heart Month would’ve been another awareness day/week/month that passed me by without more than a “There’s a day/week/month dedicated to that?” and then I’d move on with my life. But in 2010, a few years into the corporate … Continue reading

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Legitimate Artists Can Work in Cubicles

I was four years old when the tour of Peter Pan came through Toronto. I sat in one of those theatre booster seats in my fanciest dress and travelled from the Darling home to Neverland, and back again. When the … Continue reading

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2016 in four words

At the end of last year, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the past 12 months. I had the idea of coming up with single words that described the year. It was easy to do because 2015 was … Continue reading

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The creating and the created

This is the last post in a series inspired by Big Magic by Liz Gilbert. Read the Intro, Courage, Enchantment, Permission and Persistence. I’ve believed a lie for most of my life. In fact, it’s only as I’ve read Big Magic that I’ve seen just how big this … Continue reading

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