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Adults need thermometers too

Twice this year I’ve been sick. And by “sick”, I mean fetal-position-on-the-bathroom-floor, puking-while-driving-(twice), can’t-watch-food-commercials sick. I guess this was life’s payback for years of bragging that I never get sick. Lesson learned. And while I typically enjoy the perks of … Continue reading

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Why I haven’t written

“You haven’t posted anything on your blog in a long time. Why?” I was out for dinner a few weeks ago with two dear friends who love me and call me out on my crap. “I don’t know,” I shrugged. … Continue reading

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A shared agreement to keep going

I’ve always loved friends. As a kid, my first thought each day was wondering who I’d call to come over and play (or “hang out” when I decided I was too old to play). I was shy, but made friends … Continue reading

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Sejal is special

I have no idea if I should be posting this. I have no idea if it’s for you or for me (…it’s for me). I don’t have an objective here or a lesson I’m learning. It’s not even really about … Continue reading

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Love looks like leis and balloons

Six months ago, one of the most beautiful people I know shared one of the scariest stories I’d ever heard. The punchline was the hardest part to believe. It might be cancer. A week later, it was confirmed. Cancer. Of … Continue reading

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A bittersweet new chapter

My friend who lives the closest has become my friend who lives furthest away. We went from living in buildings next to each other, to living in opposite hemispheres. Nina and I met at a home church. We had the … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Nomads and Growth Zones

Ali is my “nomad friend”. I lovingly refer to her as that, because up until about a year ago, she had no fixed address. She moved around taking on really cool short-term jobs, making connections and friends everywhere she went. … Continue reading

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