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Why I haven’t written

“You haven’t posted anything on your blog in a long time. Why?” I was out for dinner a few weeks ago with two dear friends who love me and call me out on my crap. “I don’t know,” I shrugged. … Continue reading

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Curiosity and courage

This is a post in a series inspired by Big Magic by Liz Gilbert. Read the intro. I was terrified of roller coasters when I was a kid. Each year, my family would go to Six Flags on our annual trip … Continue reading

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I saw a scary movie

I saw Black Mass. If you know me, especially if you knew me in high school, I’m sure you don’t believe this is true. Because in high school, there were two kinds of movies: “Turner movies” and “not-Turner-movies”. Turner movies … Continue reading

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Our people

I talk a lot about choosing butterflies. About actively choosing things that are scary, things that seem bigger than we can manage. But sometimes butterflies choose us. And sometimes they’re not good butterflies. Actually, I think they’re bats, not butterflies. They’re … Continue reading

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Fear and laziness

I haven’t written lately. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve written a little bit. But I haven’t posted anything. It wasn’t good enough. It might offend someone. It might be interpreted in a way I didn’t mean. Someone might argue with … Continue reading

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Hitting Publish

I never really thought I had any right to blog. I love to write. My minor is in writing. I write a lot as part of my work. But a blog? I haven’t done anything super spectacular in my life. … Continue reading

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