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Stop waiting for the perfect time

I spend a lot of time waiting. I imagine up these awesome experiences, and then wait for the perfect time to execute them. Wait until my mom’s 60th birthday to throw her a surprise party. Wait until Christmas to give … Continue reading

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You’ve come so far

Dear 19 year-old Lindsay, You’re about to take a step that’s really hard. Something you anxiously dreaded for most of your teen years, because you weren’t sure how it would ever happen. You’re about to move into residence to start … Continue reading

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How to travel 4500km in 10 days and love it

For most of my childhood summers, my family drove down to New Jersey to visit my aunt and uncle. 10 hours each way. I loved visiting them, but HATED the drive. I absolutely dreaded it. 10 hours where my brother … Continue reading

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Ali takes on South America!

Remember Ali? My friend who first taught me about doing things outside of my comfort zone? The one who intentionally seeks to live a life full of butterflies? Well she’s about to embark on a three-month adventure to South America. … Continue reading

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Costa Rica, Nomads and Growth Zones

Ali is my “nomad friend”. I lovingly refer to her as that, because up until about a year ago, she had no fixed address. She moved around taking on really cool short-term jobs, making connections and friends everywhere she went. … Continue reading

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