Ali takes on South America!

Remember Ali? My friend who first taught me about doing things outside of my comfort zone? The one who intentionally seeks to live a life full of butterflies?

Costa Rica

Ali and I jumping in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in 2009.

Well she’s about to embark on a three-month adventure to South America. All on her own. With only a loose itinerary. No really, the only things she has booked are planes, hiking Machu Picchu and spending time taking care of monkeys at an animal sanctuary.

This is a trip that she’s talked about for years. But the thought of going alone kept stopping her. Well this year she decided to stop waiting for someone to join her and just go. And slowly, the thought of going alone went from scary to exhilarating. I’m so freaking proud of her!

And she’s going to be blogging along the way! So follow her journey…knowing Ali, there will new friends, surprise adventures and many jump shots along the way.

Ali, I love you and I’m so proud of you! I know this will be a life-changing three months for you in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. Safe travels my friend! And remember what your mom said – no falling in love …unless it’s with a handsome South American man who is willing to move to Canada…with his equally handsome brother for your lovely single friend. (Okay, that last part was my addition)

Ali and I at the beginning of our Jasper adventure in 2012.

Ali and I at the beginning of our Jasper adventure in 2012.

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3 Responses to Ali takes on South America!

  1. Lindsay you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the kind words and support – I’m totally feeling the butterflies right now! But under the nerves I’m so excited for the adventure.
    Also – in true “loose itinerary” fashion – my flight to Atlanta has been delayed 2 hours and now I will be missing my connection to Quito. Bwahah. Already an adventurous beginning to my trip! If it gets delayed to tomorrow you should come over tonight lol : )

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