That is brave

Say yes to the situations that stretch you and scare you and ask you to be a better you than you think you can be.

“Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie F. Downs

When I started this choosing butterflies journey, I had no idea how many other people were choosing butterflies too, just calling it something else. After Storyline, I realized just how many people talk and write about being brave.

I was never a big non-fiction reader, but these days I can’t get enough of books about living courageous and unordinary lives. And although so many have inspired me, there’s one book that hit me hard in that deep part of my heart. I think because it so eloquently described two major and intersecting themes of my life: being brave and doing life in community.

This precious book is Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs.

Let's All Be Brave

“Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie F. Downs

In response to her book, Annie has heard so many stories about people being brave. She started the hashtag #thatisbrave so that the rest of the world can be inspired by all the awesome braveness (not a word, I know…) that’s going on.

And I realized there are so many people doing brave things in my life. People who are choosing to do things that are scary and hard – choosing the option that gives them butterflies.

When a friend quits her easy, steady job to start her own business and also take a 3-month trip to South America by herself. #thatisbrave

When a teenage camper puts on a harness to do the high ropes, even though she’s terrified and convinced she can’t do it. #thatisbrave

When a friend decides to do a big presentation at a teacher’s conference. #thatisbrave

When my introverted 10 year-old cousin goes to a One Direction party at the library without any of her friends. #thatisbrave

When a friend finds herself without a job, but then sells most of her stuff – ready to go where God leads her. #thatisbrave

When a friend who was never a runner decides to train and run a 5K, 15K and half marathon all in one year. #thatisbrave

When my parents buy a new house in a new town, after living in the same area for 35+ years. #thatisbrave

When a friend gets married and moves to a new town, far away from “her people” and embraces it. #thatisbrave

When my brother picks a career path that’s extremely difficult to break into, and perseveres, even when it’s really hard. #thatisbrave

When a friend’s life is turned upside down, but she gets out of bed each day. #thatisbrave

When a friend moves to a new country to work at a church, and completely embraces all things Canadian. Including the man she’s now married to, and the baby girl that’s on her way. #thatisbrave

When any friend that is married decides to make that kind of commitment to another human. #thatisbrave

When my single friends who didn’t think they’d still be single take a deep breath, stop waiting for him/her, and start living an awesome life. #thatisbrave

When my cousin leans in to help people through all kinds of struggles. #thatisbrave

When friends move to Africa with their 4 year-old twins to serve at a school for three years. #thatisbrave

When a friend accepts a two-year job offer in Australia. #thatisbrave

When I start a blog about being brave and begin to actively seek out what that looks like in my life. #thatisbrave

I really could go on and on. Look around. People are being brave every day. Sometimes brave looks small and quiet, sometimes brave is giant and loud. But it’s always there, ready to inspire.

What have you seen lately that’s made you think #thatisbrave?

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2 Responses to That is brave

  1. davecenker says:

    There are examples of bravery all around us if we open our eyes up and look for it. Those things that we most need to see present themselves to us when we look for them 🙂 I especially like one of your last sentences, that brave sometimes looks giant and loud while at other times it looks small and quiet. Brave is what is brave for you, and you alone. Something “small and quiet” to everyone else may be something “giant and loud” to you. Be true, be brave, be you 🙂

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