#Fitbyfourth – let’s talk accountability

I’ve recently discovered Carlos Whittaker (or loswhit). I know, I know…what took me so long? But seriously, I’m digging this guy.

I’m about two-thirds through his book Moment Maker and it’s rocking my world.

And last week, I signed up for his #FitbyFourth challenge, which is a 7-week journey to “get our sexy back” – AKA it’s sort of a fitness program, but I don’t think we’re actually allowed to say that for legal reasons.

But it’s designed for lazy people, which is my kind of fitness program.

He also uses terms like “hashtag yo junk” and includes photos of Spiderman thermoses and Richard Simmons. That kind of randomness is also my kind of fitness program.

thermos Richard

Los (we tweeted back and forth once, so I think I can call him that now) asked us to write down three things we’ve done this year that we’re proud of and how we accomplished them. For me, a big part of that was accountability and this blog.

Accountability. Probably my least favourite word. But here we go.

I’m going to commit to this program. I’m going to try and move more and eat healthier, and write down my journey. But not all on my blog, I’ll spare you that. Maybe just a few progress reports. For accountability purposes. (*shudder*)


PS. The “fourth” in #FitbyFourth refers to July 4, Independence Day. Being a proud Canadian, I want to call it #fitbyfirstplus3days (as Canada Day is July 1), but that’s not an effective use of hashtags. However, the stubbornly proud Canadian in me couldn’t let that go without the disclaimer.

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2 Responses to #Fitbyfourth – let’s talk accountability

  1. Jen says:

    A fitness program for lazy people? Sold! Am definitely going to have to check this out!

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