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Watching and looking

I love words. I love when words seep with literary devices that turn a simple sentence into a line of poetry. I love when sentences don’t follow the proper structure. Not in a bad grammar way, but in a “need … Continue reading

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Jumping afraid

Since I was 8, my answer to “what’s your favourite sport?” has always been “gymnastics”. I did recreational gymnastics from age 8 until I was 14. I was okay at it. I certainly had the flexibility, a decent amount of … Continue reading

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Stop waiting for the perfect time

I spend a lot of time waiting. I imagine up these awesome experiences, and then wait for the perfect time to execute them. Wait until my mom’s 60th birthday to throw her a surprise party. Wait until Christmas to give … Continue reading

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You’ve come so far

Dear 19 year-old Lindsay, You’re about to take a step that’s really hard. Something you anxiously dreaded for most of your teen years, because you weren’t sure how it would ever happen. You’re about to move into residence to start … Continue reading

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Adventures in plumbing

Last night I did plumbing. Or I plumbed? I’m not even sure the right verb tense to use…which clearly tells you a lot about my experience in the plumbing world. Let’s try this again. Last night I fixed my toilet. … Continue reading

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2015 in five words

I’ve always been the first to say “New Years Eve is pointless”. I don’t like the pressure to do something epic to ring in the New Year, and I’m not a fan of cliché New Years Resolutions. But really, I … Continue reading

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The difficult pages

“Don’t pull out the difficult pages of your story, let them be part of the story” – Mike Foster I heard Mike say this at the Storyline Conference in 2014. I even quoted it in a blog post I wrote … Continue reading

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Wonderful, terrifying, powerful

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Hospital Association’s Social Media Conference. It was one of those days where I learned a lot and met some really smart, really fascinating people. That’s pretty much my favourite kind … Continue reading

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Love looks like leis and balloons

Six months ago, one of the most beautiful people I know shared one of the scariest stories I’d ever heard. The punchline was the hardest part to believe. It might be cancer. A week later, it was confirmed. Cancer. Of … Continue reading

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Real rest

Rest. I always thought I was good at it. I’m in a season of life where I have a lot of unaccounted for time. I have a job that is contained to 40 hours a week most of the time, … Continue reading

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