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Adrien would look you right in the eyes when you talked to him and always took a beat before responding. He would look at you expectantly when you walked into the room, as if he really wanted to have a … Continue reading

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A new dividing line

I’m awake in the middle of the night. I’m betting that most of the 650 people I work with are also awake with me. Today, one of our colleagues lost her three children and her father in a senseless and … Continue reading

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I saw a scary movie

I saw Black Mass. If you know me, especially if you knew me in high school, I’m sure you don’t believe this is true. Because in high school, there were two kinds of movies: “Turner movies” and “not-Turner-movies”. Turner movies … Continue reading

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Experiencing Waitress

Last year, I saw Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and blogged about it. I realized that I have a tendency to obsessively research a show before I see it, and considered what it’d be like to discover a show as … Continue reading

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How to travel 4500km in 10 days and love it

For most of my childhood summers, my family drove down to New Jersey to visit my aunt and uncle. 10 hours each way. I loved visiting them, but HATED the drive. I absolutely dreaded it. 10 hours where my brother … Continue reading

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Our people

I talk a lot about choosing butterflies. About actively choosing things that are scary, things that seem bigger than we can manage. But sometimes butterflies choose us. And sometimes they’re not good butterflies. Actually, I think they’re bats, not butterflies. They’re … Continue reading

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Choose Action

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. In a matter of days (and in some cases, hours), there has been one heartache after another. It’s been bizarre, devastating and completely numbing. But small beams of light have broken through some … Continue reading

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45 unexpected minutes

This posting consistently thing is hard. I can come up with a million reasons not to post anything, to just stop. And while I could say I don’t have the time to write, that’s not true. What is true is … Continue reading

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Do Over Club

Yesterday morning, I chose butterflies. I chose to wake up early, meet a friend and drive to 30 minutes to hang out with one of my favourite writers/speakers/thinkers, Jon Acuff. Jon just wrote Do Over (which hit The New York Times … Continue reading

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The opposite of lazy

My dishwasher serves my busy barometer. If I run it less than once a week, I’m too busy. I’m eating too many meals at work or out. If I run it every few days, I’ve got a good balance going … Continue reading

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